Company OVerview

Founded in 1988, The Kinglander Company has been a multi-faceted real estate brokerage and investment firm with an emphasis on Commercial and Residential Sales, Property Management, Re/Development, and investment analysis.

The Kinglander Company advises property owners, buyers, sellers, and lenders in all types of real estate transactions, including sales, purchases, exchanges, leasing, financing, construction, and re/development of retail, office, commercial, multi-family residential, industrial, and agricultural properties.

At The Kinglander Company we focus on finding opportunity. In today’s distressed market, our attention is on adding significant value in every transaction. Whether it is rehabbing a distressed property or working on a retail sale, we see opportunity when other agencies may see burden.

The Kinglander Company is a boutique, commercial real estate, investment company headquartered in Lexington, Ky with 33 years of experience in sales, property management, investment assets, re/development and value-add acquisitions.

Future-focused, business-grounded advice and thoughtful solutions to help you structure, negotiate and close the most complicated real estate and finance deals….Large or Small.

We work with the full range of participants in the market and with every class of asset.


The real estate industry is driven by constant changes in capital markets, finance opportunities, new tax incentives, business demand, demographics and entirely novel technology-driven industries.

Our clients are looking for counsel that can identify trends and tap resources to multiply their opportunities and ROI’s.

Whatever the project, we are constantly thinking about what’s next for our clients. Which means a focus on sustainability, transforming communities and leveraging incentives to get the best possible deals for our clients.   Real people, real knowledge, creating real partnerships and opportunities.