New Development

At The Kinglander Company we focus on finding opportunity. In today’s distressed market, our attention is on adding significant value in every transaction. Whether it is rehabbing a distressed property or working on a retail sale, we see opportunity when other agencies may see burden.

The Kinglander Company actively pursues projects to which we can add value by virtue of our broad-based real estate expertise. The team has developed a comprehensive set of skills that allows us to fully evaluate a property, quickly identify areas of hidden costs and/or revenue opportunity and formulate a strategic plan to turn an under performing asset around, thus creating additional value. Team members are challenged on a daily basis to maximize the value of the real estate we manage through superior tenant service, aggressive operating cost control, quality maintenance programs and the prudent expenditure of capital improvement dollars.

We excel at stabilizing troubled properties by combining our entrepreneurial energy with institutional quality management.  The Kinglander Company’s multi-dimensional skill-sets and combination of institutional real estate and re/development experience  has provided its team with greater insight and knowhow to maximize the greatest valuations for its clients.

As we continue to expand our urban renewal throughout the Central Kentucky area, we remain dedicated to the ideals that have guided the growth of our company – quality, partnership, joint ventures and the best in tenant services.  We invite you to explore our offerings and join in our exceptional mission of preserving the past and building the communities of tomorrow.


Tuska House - A landmark in the Aylesford neighborhood, as well as the Lexington artist community, is undergoing and extensive restoration. The Tuska house ..
The Gateway - A high profile and exciting project being proposed in Lexington’s downtown core.