The Kinglander Company offers a complete range of property management services including property maintenance, preventive maintenance, construction management, lease administration, lease renewals and expansions, and financial reporting for both residential and commercial property owners. Owners and tenants can count on our accessibility, responsiveness and prompt professional service. Our property management service enables our clients to enjoy the benefits of ownership without the daily demands of management.

We are dedicated to creating value for our clients by maintaining strict quality guidelines, focusing on cost-efficient operations and tenant retention.

  • Perform a APOD (Annual Property Operating Data) analysis
  • Focuses on measuring, monitoring and continuously improving performance of each assetPM Profits
  • Ensures each asset is being managed in a professional manner optimizing the owners return on investment.
  • Measuring actual operations against original underwriting/business plan
  • Regular analysis of asset values based on prevailing market parameters
  • Ensures compliance with the underwritten business plan and reports performance bench-marked against the underwritten plan
  • Calculation of budgeted and re-forecast cash available for distribution
  • Acquisition/disposition structuring to achieve investor objectives
  • Pre-tax and after-tax analysis and reporting